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"I've set the wedding date. I've not asked her out yet."---how software projects are managed.

A good code makes us feel less stupid.

agile is not about finishing fast. It’s about sensibly adapting based on the realities as they emerge.

Best advice I heard from a very mature & experienced developer: "Don't fear to throw away what you create. That's the only way you improve."

Code is how we tell our colleagues how we feel about them.

Creating unmaintainable code is a crime against humanity.

Efficiency is attained not by doing tasks faster, but by avoiding those that should't be done in the first place.

Efforts to make everyone happy has 0% success rate.

friends don't let friends do shared mutation.

I have a strong suspicion that the autocorrect feature was designed to ruin relationships.

If we can't name a variable or a function appropriately, it may be a sign we've not yet understood its true purpose.

Impossible (n): it's something which a small group quietly does while the general population has discarded as not capable.

In general, our minds don’t see solutions as clearly when we approach deadlines.

It does not matter how awesome and slick a piece of code looks, it's not good if it's hard to test.

JavaScript is like that bad villain in a thriller, each time they think to have killed him he keeps coming back with greater vengeance.

mixing mutability with lambdas/closures is dysfunctional programming.

mutability is OK, sharing is nice, shared mutability is devils work

No amount of thinking can fully replace the learnings that come from trying. Trying complements thinking.

No developer should be expected or required to defend the use of any technology, library, or framework that helps deliver value.

Of all my wants, what I ask myself each day is for more patience and humility.

Opinions are like hair: some have less, some have more, and yet some have it in excess, at odd places.

Programming is an intense test of perseverance.

Programming with dependencies is like organizing an event with the in-laws; better invite them in proper order or they’ll create hell.

Realizing ones own weaknesses is the greatest strength one could have.

Seek help when you hear that troubling inner voice that says "What random, cryptic, totally meaningless name can I give to this variable?"

Significant part of experience is unlearning the practices we shouldn't have learned in the first place.

So often we work hard to find correct solutions to the wrong problems, without ever realizing it.

Software developer: someone who gets paid to program and then more to fix it.

Sometimes have to step close to a problem to see the solution. But then, sometimes farther away. The challenge's in deciding which is right.

Technical decisions should have expiration dates, at the turn of which should be reassessed.

There are only two kinds of programmers: Those who code to live and those who live to code.

We cannot travel the roads of success without ever crossing the streets of failures.

We're quick to point the cost of creating quality, but are often in denial about the cost and consequences of not having it.

What matters the most is not our capability to predict the future, but it's the ability to adapt as it arrives.

When I was a kid, I used to tell scary stories. I’ve grown, now I tell people about programming.

Years of education often helps us to find a job but fails to help us find ourselves.

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