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Eindhoven glow 2013 - Zinorot

GLOW - International Forum of Light in Art and Architecture
Eindhoven 2013 - 8th Edition - 'Urban Playground'
From November, 9th to 16th 2013, the city center of Eindhoven turns again into a forum of interventions, installations, performances and events based on the phenomena of artificial light.
Artist: Yoav Chomsky and Nisan Gelbard
Location: Clausplein
About the project:
Yoav Chomsky grew up in rural Israel, among orchards and wide fields. The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze him, and the continuous change that goes hand in hand with growth, decay and the cycle of the seasons. These experiences defined his work as an artist.

During GLOW, he presents Zinorot, a work that premiered last year in Jerusalem. Thousands of slender light threads are attached to an ingenious construction of metal tubes. Together they form a tree that has scrabbled its way out of the earth to reach a towering six meters in height. The lights are programmed to illuminate different parts of the tree in random sequence, making the branches appear to move, reaching upward towards another part of the heavens. The changing lighting is precisely in sync with the rhythm of the accompanying music, creating a breath-taking visual display, with an ever-changing chromatic spectrum.

Source: gloweindhoven

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