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The infobrol, a Stéphane Gaudry's web site, offers a set of useful concepts in computer science, from low level to professional level.

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About the infobrol website

At the root of the infobrol, you will find the actual informative content. Other parts of the infobrol site include for example the blog on the photo, the forum, the member areas, etc.

You can read the latest articles page in the infobrol: https://www.gaudry.be/en/infobrol.html.

Dossiers et chapitres

The word of Steph

Sometimes I leave you a little message according to my mood ... Generally, it is information related to development (infobrol or programming),but it can also simply be a simple reflection about anything.

[07/03/2011] @Override interface java

D'ju il manque l'annotation @implement en Java

/...Lire la suite du billet...

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English translation

You have asked to visit this site in English. For now, only the interface is translated, but not all the content yet.

If you want to help me in translations, your contribution is welcome. All you need to do is register on the site, and send me a message asking me to add you to the group of translators, which will give you the opportunity to translate the pages you want. A link at the bottom of each translated page indicates that you are the translator, and has a link to your profile.

Thank you in advance.

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