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Monster truck

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  • Rodrigo Sebastian Garcia sur flickrRodrigo Sebastian Garcia -
    you do not need an assistant (?) lol nice cap
  • bernard.sabatier sur flickrbernard.sabatier (Bernard Sabatier) -
    Ton traitement est nickel...
  • Stéphane GaudrySteph (Stéphane Gaudry) -
    Hi and thank you for your offer of assistance, but 7033 milles is a bit far for pictures in the weekend :-) Merci Bernard
  • Noro8 sur flickrNoro8 -
    Cool find...!
  • photoMakak sur flickrphotoMakak (иɩʇɹɐɯ) -
    Belle photo!!! Bravo!
  • Saromya sur flickrSaromya (Patrick Barthélemi) -
    Superbe, elle arrache! A encadrer!
  • thebestofjosh sur flickrthebestofjosh (josh escobar) -
    umm nice picture


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