Thumb La fille à la girafe - l'adieuThumb I demolish my bridges behind me - then there is no choice but forward.Thumb The house of Pennywise the Dancing ClownThumb Le nid de l'oiseau noirThumb sans titre

The house of Pennywise the Dancing Clown

An abandoned amusement park, it's really something special just because a park is the animation, the sound, the crowd. When the sun rises and reveals the fairgrounds in the middle of the vegetation, we almost expect to see tumble Pennywise the Dancing Clown.
If the night had passed without a hitch, it was otherwise in the morning we were caught buddy Seb and I by the guards who were doing their morning rounds with the dogs. We were forced to erase our memory cards, and were forcibly thrown out of the enclosure. Fortunately, there are recovery programs :-)

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  • Camera_Shy. sur flickrCamera_Shy. (Mark) -
    That's brilliant, great pov and love the tones and light - perfect
  • Forgotten Heritage sur flickrForgotten Heritage -
    Striking shot that!
  • Snapping Platypus sur flickrSnapping Platypus -
    Excellent, love it.
  • M. Raj sur flickrM. Raj -
    Beautiful !
  • Stéphane GaudrySteph (Stéphane Gaudry) -
    Thank you guys for your comments and favs
  • lddb72 sur flickrlddb72 -
    Encore un traitement qui tue! Bravo
  • bernard.sabatier sur flickrbernard.sabatier (Bernard Sabatier) -
    Superbe ambiance bien rendue.
  • alanfrombangor sur flickralanfrombangor (Alan Crawshaw) -
    Beautifully creepy, I'm pleased you outwitted the guards.
  • Forgotten Heritage sur flickrForgotten Heritage -
    Had a similar experience with security in Lux a few weekends ago.
  • Kabinett Obscura sur flickrKabinett Obscura -
  • bestarns [] sur flickrbestarns [] (Sébastien ERNEST) -
    superbe steph , le traitement est tres sympa on se croirait dans un reve ;)
  • Stéphane GaudrySteph (Stéphane Gaudry) -
    Jusqu'au moment où les chiens ont déboulés, suivis par les gardes :-)
  • Ze Black Kinder sur flickrZe Black Kinder -
    Pas cool les guardes!!! Mais t'a quand meme tiré des photos super cool
  • Urbus sur flickrUrbus -
    expo 4/6


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