Class BasicSliderUI.ActionScroller

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ActionListener, Serializable, Cloneable, EventListener, Action
    Enclosing class:

    public class BasicSliderUI.ActionScroller
    extends AbstractAction
    As of Java 2 platform v1.3 this undocumented class is no longer used. The recommended approach to creating bindings is to use a combination of an ActionMap, to contain the action, and an InputMap to contain the mapping from KeyStroke to action description. The InputMap is is usually described in the LookAndFeel tables.

    Please refer to the key bindings specification for further details.

    This class should be treated as a "protected" inner class. Instantiate it only within subclasses of .

    • Constructor Detail

      • BasicSliderUI.ActionScroller

        public BasicSliderUI.ActionScroller(JSlider slider,
                                    int dir,
                                    boolean block)


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