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Doel moet blijven !!!

Doel is a village located in the area of Antwerpen in Belgium. Doel was until 1977 an autonomous commune, of a surface of 25.61 km², with a population of 1300 inhabitants.

Initially, it was chosen, (like Tihange in the Province of Liège), like site of one of the nuclear power plants of Belgium.

Then, Doel is sacrificed to the extension of the port of Antwerpen. The total evacuation of the village, after expropriation of its inhabitants, was decided in 1999 by the Flemish regional authority, to leave place to new harbor installations.
All of Doel is evacuated. All? Not quite! A very small number of inhabitants is holding out, strong as ever, against the Roman invaders... oh I'm sorry, that it is another Gallic village.

Benefitting from the departure of the inhabitants, many artists left free course with their talent and their imagination on the walls of the city.

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