Devoxx 2014 - Thucydides is dead, long live Serenity


Devoxx 2014 - Thucydides is dead, long live Serenity


ny modern web application today sports a rich and powerful user interface with sophisticated business logic built right in to the UI. The behaviour of the UI is an integral part of the user experience. For modern web applications, automated web tests are an essential part of your testing arsenal.

But at the same time automated web testing is hard. Web tests can be fragile, and easily broken by small UI changes. They can be complex, and hard to trouble-shoot when something goes wrong.

This session is a live coding demonstration using a live, real-world web site. We will be going from automated acceptance criteria using Cucumber-JVM and Thucydides to working automated acceptance tests and living documentation. You will learn: - When to write web tests, and when not to write them - Techniques to make your web tests easier to maintain and easier to update - Tips and tricks for automating modern, javascript-based web applications using Selenium 2/WebDriver.

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The sample code is available on

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