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Eindhoven glow 2013 - Starsky

The Third Element
GLOW - International Forum of Light in Art and Architecture
Eindhoven 2013 - 8th Edition - 'Urban Playground'
From November, 9th to 16th 2013, the city center of Eindhoven turns again into a forum of interventions, installations, performances and events based on the phenomena of artificial light.
Artist: Starsky
Location: Beursgebouw
About the project:
The Austrian artist starsky is a master of all things to do with light. She creates light installations and large-scale projections, and provides the lighting for concerts and theatre productions, often as a VJ. In her work, she integrates language, graphic elements, moving image and film. Her goal is to use these ingredients to create a true total work of art.

At the Beursgebouw, her installation is a projection that blurs the boundaries between the real and the fantastic. She plays with the relationship between architecture and the environment, with people’s movements in public space, and with the proportions of the human body, using these elements to create an ‘in between’ world - The Third Element. Now and then a hand appears that brushes away the generated images or turns them as if they were a page in a book, to reveal yet another image. What arises is a journey through imaginary worlds in which, from time to time, we discover a hint of the familiar.

Music made possible by Spice.
Source: gloweindhoven

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  • Edwin Heefer sur flickrEdwin Heefer
  • Frankhuizen Photography sur flickrFrankhuizen Photography (Josine and Harry Frankhuizen)
  • Jonas & Patrizia sur flickrJonas & Patrizia
  • Noro8 sur flickrNoro8
  • sur (dutchman pics)
  • Ze Black Kinder sur flickrZe Black Kinder
  • Zesk MF sur flickrZesk MF
  • Noro8 sur flickrNoro8 -
    Cool lights..!
  • mariburg sur flickrmariburg -
    the lights are awesome, nice work!
  • Stéphane GaudrySteph (Stéphane Gaudry) -
  • Ze Black Kinder sur flickrZe Black Kinder -
    Belle pose longue
  • lddb72 sur flickrlddb72 -
    Tu es retourné vivre à Eindhoven? Très belle photo.
  • Stéphane GaudrySteph (Stéphane Gaudry) -
  • Stéphane GaudrySteph (Stéphane Gaudry) -
    Non, c'est fini, je ne vis plus à Eindhoven, mais c'est vrai que j'ai pris goût au glow... C'est un très bel événement.


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