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Devoxx - JavaFX Bootstrap

JavaFX Bootstrap
by Jim Weaver and Gerrit Grunwald

Much of this session will draw upon the work in the Pro JavaFX 2 book that Jim Weaver co-authored, as well as the UI controls and gauges that Gerrit Grunwald created for the open source JFXtras project. Some of the areas that we'll cover are:

Getting started with JavaFX
Creating a user interface
Using Scene Builder and FXML
Using the JavaFX UI controls
Creating custom UI controls
Leveraging the strengths of JavaFX and HTML5
Overview of DataFX, calling web services
Using Scenic View
Using JavaFX APIs from Alternative JVM Languages
Embedded Java/JavaFX on a Raspberry Pi
Embedded Java/JavaFX on a BeagleBoard
Wrap-up and additional Q&A

During the session we'll have brief guest appearances by JavaFX developers such as Martin Gunnarson and Pär Sikö, Stephen Chin, Angela Caicedo, Jonathan Giles, Johan Vos, and Jasper Potts. We'll also be awarding ten copies of the Pro JavaFX 2 book to participative audience members.

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