Comparaison des bus informatique

NomLargeur du busFréquenceBande passante (octets)1Bande passante (bits)
ISA 8 bits (PC/XT)8 bits4,77 MHz4,66 Mo/s (2,33 Mo/s réel)37,27 Mb/s
ISA 8 bits (AT)8 bits6 MHz5,86 Mo/s (2,93 Mo/s réel)46,88 Mb/s
ISA 8 bits (AT)8 bits8 MHz7,81 Mo/s (3,91 Mo/s réel)62,50 Mb/s
ISA 8 bits (AT)8 bits8,33 MHz8,13 Mo/s (4,07 Mo/s réel)65,08 Mb/s
LPC4 bits33 MHz16,11 Mo/s (5,37 Mo/s réel)128,91 Mb/s
ISA 16 bits (bus AT)16 bits8,33 MHz16,27 Mo/s (8,13 Mo/s réel)130,16 Mb/s
EISA32 bits8,33 MHz32,54 Mo/s260,31 Mb/s
VESA32 bits33 MHz128,91 Mo/s1,01 Gb/s
MCA-1616 bits5 MHz9,77 Mo/s78,13 Mb/s
MCA-3232 bits5 MHz19,53 Mo/s156,25 Mb/s
MCA-16 streaming16 bits10 MHz19,53 Mo/s156,25 Mb/s
MCA-32 streaming32 bits10 MHz39,06 Mo/s312,50 Mb/s
MCA-64 streaming64 bits10 MHz78,13 Mo/s625 Mb/s
MCA-64 streaming64 bits20 MHz156,25 Mo/s1,22 Gb/s
PC Card (PCMCIA)16 bits10 MHz19,53 Mo/s156,25 Mb/s
CardBus32 bits33 MHz128,91 Mo/s1,01 Gb/s
Hub IF (chipset)8 bits66 MHz64,45 Mo/s515,63 Mb/s
PCI32 bits33 MHz128,91 Mo/s1,01 Gb/s
PCO 66MHz32 bits66 MHz257,81 Mo/s2,01 Gb/s
PCI 64 bits6 bits33 MHz24,17 Mo/s193,36 Mb/s
PCO 66MHz/64bits64 bits66 MHz515,63 Mo/s4,03 Gb/s
PCI-X64 bits133 MHz1,01 Go/s8,12 Gb/s
AGP32 bits66,66 MHz260,39 Mo/s2,03 Gb/s
AGP 2x32 bits66,66 MHz260,39 Mo/s2,03 Gb/s
AGP 4x32 bits66 MHz257,81 Mo/s2,01 Gb/s
AGP 8x32 bits66 MHz257,81 Mo/s2,01 Gb/s
RS-232 Série1 bits115.2 Hz14,40 Ko/s (1,44 Ko/s réel)115,20 Kb/s
RS-232 Série HS1 bits230.4 Hz28,80 Ko/s (2,88 Ko/s réel)230,40 Kb/s
IEEE-1284 Paralèle8 bits8,33 MHz8,13 Mo/s (1,36 Mo/s réel)65,08 Mb/s
IEEE-1284 EPP/ECP8 bits8,33 MHz8,13 Mo/s (2,71 Mo/s réel)65,08 Mb/s
USB 1.11 bits12 MHz1,46 Mo/s11,72 Mb/s
USB 2.01 bits480 MHz58,59 Mo/s468,75 Mb/s
IEEE-1394a S1OO1 bits100 MHz12,21 Mo/s97,66 Mb/s
IEEE-1394a S2OO1 bits200 MHz24,41 Mo/s195,31 Mb/s
IEEE-1394a S4OO1 bits400 MHz48,83 Mo/s390,63 Mb/s
IEEE-1394a S8OO1 bits800 MHz97,66 Mo/s781,25 Mb/s
IEEE-1394a S16OO1 bits1,6 GHz195,31 Mo/s1,53 Gb/s
ATA PIO-416 bits8,33 MHz16,27 Mo/s130,16 Mb/s
ATA UDMA/3316 bits8,33 MHz16,27 Mo/s130,16 Mb/s
ATA UDMA/6616 bits16,67 MHz32,56 Mo/s260,47 Mb/s
ATA UDMA/10016 bits25 MHz48,83 Mo/s390,63 Mb/s
SATA-1501 bits1,5 GHz183,11 Mo/s1,43 Gb/s
SATA-3001 bits3 GHz366,21 Mo/s2,86 Gb/s
SATA-6001 bits6 GHz732,42 Mo/s5,72 Gb/s
SCSI8 bits5 MHz4,88 Mo/s39,06 Mb/s
SCSI Wide16 bits5 MHz9,77 Mo/s78,13 Mb/s
SCSI Fast8 bits10 MHz9,77 Mo/s78,13 Mb/s
SCSI Fast/Wide16 bits10 MHz19,53 Mo/s156,25 Mb/s
SCSI Ultra8 bits20 MHz19,53 Mo/s156,25 Mb/s
SCSI Ultra/Wide16 bits20 MHz39,06 Mo/s312,50 Mb/s
SCSI Ultra28 bits40 MHz39,06 Mo/s312,50 Mb/s
SCSI Ultra2/Wide16 bits40 MHz78,13 Mo/s625 Mb/s
SCSI Ultra3 (Ultra 160)16 bits40 MHz78,13 Mo/s625 Mb/s
SCSI Ultra4 (Ultra 320)16 bits80 MHz156,25 Mo/s1,22 Gb/s
FDM DRAM64 bits22 MHz171,88 Mo/s1,34 Gb/s
EDO DRAM64 bits33 MHz257,81 Mo/s2,01 Gb/s
PC66 SDRAM64 bits66 MHz515,63 Mo/s4,03 Gb/s
PC100 SDRAM64 bits100 MHz781,25 Mo/s6,10 Gb/s
PC133 SDRAM64 bits133 MHz1,01 Go/s8,12 Gb/s
PC600 RDRAM16 bits300 MHz585,94 Mo/s4,58 Gb/s
PC700 RDRAM16 bits350 MHz683,59 Mo/s5,34 Gb/s
PC800 RDRAM16 bits400 MHz781,25 Mo/s6,10 Gb/s
PC800 RDRAM Dual32 bits400 MHz1,53 Go/s12,21 Gb/s
PC1600 DDR-SDRAM64 bits100 MHz781,25 Mo/s6,10 Gb/s
PC2100 DDR-SDRAM64 bits133 MHz1,01 Go/s8,12 Gb/s
FSB 33 MHz CPU 48632 bits33 MHz128,91 Mo/s1,01 Gb/s
FSB 66 MHz CPU 64 bits64 bits66 MHz515,63 Mo/s4,03 Gb/s
FSB 100 MHz CPU 64 bits64 bits100 MHz781,25 Mo/s6,10 Gb/s
FSB 133 MHz CPU 64 bits64 bits133 MHz1,01 Go/s8,12 Gb/s
FSB 200 MHz CPU 64 bits64 bits100 MHz781,25 Mo/s6,10 Gb/s
FSB 266 MHz CPU 64 bits64 bits133 MHz1,01 Go/s8,12 Gb/s
FSB 400 MHz CPU 64 bits64 bits100 MHz781,25 Mo/s6,10 Gb/s

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  1.  Calcul de la bande passante :

    Les valeurs des bandes passantes sont calculées en fonction des données du bus extraites de la base de données. Ces valeurs peuvent donc légèrement différer des valeurs habituellement mentionnées.

    La bande passante dépendant du nombre de cycles de données, quand le cycle de données est différent de 1/1, la largeur réelle de bande passante est mentionnée entre parenthèses dans la colonne en octets/s.

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