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Electricity panel

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Energeia-Museum, Electricity and lighting through the years

This museum,situated in an old power station, was closed by Electrabel because the frequenting was not important enough.

All measuring equipment, with preserved fixtures and fittings, steam engines, steam turbines and the didactic material still present at the time of the visit, were covered with a layer of dust, evoking the cave of a wizard of modern times, or the Frankenstein's laboratory.

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  • Roo Waters sur flickrRoo Waters -
    What fun!
  • Treetop drive sur flickrTreetop drive -
    Dumb question probably, but how do you get this cool bluish tinted BW color? Do you shoot them with a filter or is it just post-processing afterwards? They are fantastic!
  • Stéphane GaudrySteph (Stéphane Gaudry) -
    Unfortunately I do not possess the appropriate filters, so I post process, with layers for cold blue tones for shadows and other with warmer tones for highlights, and I use the layer masks("Reveal all", and after the eraser and the brush on the
  • Treetop drive sur flickrTreetop drive -
    Many thanks! I must learn how to do this myself. :)
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    c'est de toute facon pas possible avec un filtre sur l'objo. le traitement il rent super bien ici


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