Eindhoven glow 2013 - Noralie 1


Eindhoven glow 2013 - Noralie 1


GLOW - International Forum of Light in Art and Architecture
Eindhoven 2013 - 8th Edition - 'Urban Playground'
From November, 9th to 16th 2013, the city center of Eindhoven turns again into a forum of interventions, installations, performances and events based on the phenomena of artificial light.
Artist: Noralie
Location: Philips stadion
About the project:
This year, the Philips Sport Association celebrates its centenary. That, coupled with this year’s theme ‘Urban Playground’, is a great excuse to pay tribute to the football stadium by including it in the light art route.

Clashlight visualises the identity of the Philips Stadium. When you think of football stadiums words like harmony, competition, power, winning, struggle and pride always come to mind. The typical sounds of the Philips Stadium are fused into a composition. We hear the cheering of supporters, the train racing by and the reverberations of a concert by Guus Meeuwis. The Philips Stadium is, moreover, the only Stadium that has its ‘roots’ in light. So, inevitably, lamps and light are the stars of this show. The result is a multidisciplinary experience that blows away the public and shakes the complex to its foundations.
Source: gloweindhoven

Meta données

Propriété | Valeur |
Date de prise de vue | 16/11/2013 21:03:29 |
appareil | Nikon D7000 |
vitesse d'exposition | 1/60 (0.017 sec) |
ouverture | f/4.0 |
longueur focale | 24mm (cadrage équivalant : 36mm) |
sensibilité | 6400 ISO |

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