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Le château de Colonster

Colonster Castle is situated on a rocky outcrop overlooking the valley of the Ourthe at the entrance of Liège. The castle and its grounds are owned since 1963 at the University of Liege and are part of the field of Sart-Tilman.

Attested from the fourteenth century, the castle owes its present appearance to Maximilian-Hyacinthe-Henri, Count of Shock (1694-1759): the work of the XVIII century transformed the fortress into a castle craft. William Mathias of Louvrex, jurist and lawyer, acquires land and lordship of Colonster in 1787. Baron Hasselbrouck bought the castle in 1788, well then passes into the hands of families Selys-Lonchamp, Allard, and the barons van Zuylen. In 1963, Liège University bought the castle and surrounding land to Baron P. van Zuylen. In 1966 a fire destroyed much of the castle restoration work and adaptation to contemporary use (reception rooms and meetings) are led by the architects Henri Lacoste and Jean Opdenberg.

Today the castle houses :
. Studies Centre Georges Simenon and Fund
. the secretariat of the Open Air Museum of Sart-Tilman
. a restaurant
. function rooms and meeting

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