Liège, la nocturne des coteaux - St Martin
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Miniature sans titreMiniature sans titreMiniature Liège, la nocturne des coteaux - St MartinMiniature Comme les bougies, les amoureux brûlent avant de fondre (en larmes).Miniature sans titre

Liège, la nocturne des coteaux - St Martin

For the last 20 years...
On the first Saturday in October...

A short stroll away from the Place Saint-Lambert...
At the heart of the oldest quarters of the city...

Liège by night....
On the slopes...

For one enchanting evening Liège reveals itself as you have never seen it before. During the Nocturne, backstreets, courtyards, steps, terraces, pathways, fields and orchards are accessible for all to see. Subtle lighting, music, entertainment and an atmosphere of celebration await at every turn.

With their 60 monuments, 5 listed sites, and 28 ha of well preserved green spaces, the Coteaux de la Citadelle, the slopes of the citadel, are a unique reminder of the ancient landscape of Liège.

On a mild October evening, a unique opportunity to wander and discover these little known walks softly lit up by over 15,000 candles and other lights. Musical and theatrical events take place throughout the evening, and many places open their doors to the rest of the world.

Every year an increasing number of heritage lovers, curious visitors, and people looking for that very special atmosphere, discover the Nocturne’s magic. Whether a loyal nocturne visitor or newly attracted to the concept, this is a chance for everyone to enter a place of magic and surprises, a backstage to the city of Liège.

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  • shutterbroke (Francisco Jimenez)
  • shutterbroke sur flickrshutterbroke (Francisco Jimenez)
    Gorgeous! I officially invite you to have it posted on my night photography group, my friend. Invite coming.
  • sangio1 sur flickrsangio1
    Bonjour, si vous avez des photos de la nocturne des coteaux et que ça vous intéresse qu'elle figurent éventuellement, avec quelques autres, dans la communication officielle de la manifestation (organisation : échevinat du Tourisme de la ville de Liège),


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