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Istanbul, Portrait 201202-4

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  • Creative Shoebox sur flickrCreative Shoebox (Gregory Schultz) -
    This is an amazing shot. When you take shots like this, do you ask for their permission or just shoot from a distance. I will be in Istanbul next week and would some advice on how to get shots like yours.
    • Stéphane GaudrySteph (Stéphane Gaudry) -
      As I wrote for another picture, people are really very friendly. I had very few refusals when I asked, and when people refuse I do not insist. "I get closer to the maximum of the person, without being discreet. Either I do nothing and I do a big smile and a nod to say thank you after taking the photo; or I just do a quick sign to request permission. Generally people are happy. Sometimes they ask me to show the picture, or so sometimes it's fun because they require to re-shoot them and they are not natural at all :-) The first shoot is the best." If you're a little embarrassed to take a very close picture of people, you can walk in the bazaar, there are so many people that will see you less. Tip: do not work in the same direction as the other; as people come to you, it's easier. I hope you will take a lot of fun there.
    • Creative Shoebox sur flickrCreative Shoebox (Gregory Schultz) -
      Thank you so much for the advice. i appreciate you taking the time to write back and again, i think your work is phenomenal. It's a real inspiration.
    • Stéphane GaudrySteph (Stéphane Gaudry) -
      You're welcome, and Thank for your comment.
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Eminönü, İstanbul, Turquie

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