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  • Active Directory
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    [1] 30/05/2003 - Dernière modification le 07/07/2020 Présentation d’Active Directory.
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  • Des hommes comme vous et moi
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    [2] 30/04/2012 - Dernière modification le 22/06/2020 The museum Ramioul: The museum is designed to encourage visitors not to look at prehistory from the outside but rather to make him live it by experiencing the sensations of prehistoric man. The exhibition collections refuses to privilege the public scholar, it aims instead to familiarize the visitor with prehistoric life itself rather than with the representation given by the Archaeology. The chronology is not the main theme of the course. The museum is structured according to themes of prehistoric life in order to create a genuine relationship between the daily life of the visitor and that of prehistoric man. For this purpose, the concept expographique refers to his daily life, in a participatory approach and a variety of scenic resources: interactive terminals, multimedia projections, reconstructions, facsimiles to handle, ... The cave Ramioul: The cave Ramioul is a treasure of natural heritage and archaeological Walloon. It is a listed site of the Walloon Region. Discoveries that were made and the beauty of its concretions make it unavoidable. Cave Ramioul extends to within one kilometer of the cave Engis which were discovered in 1829, the first Neanderthal fossils in the world. "Chercheurs de la Wallonie" fought for many years to preserve it, and it narrowly escaped the shots backhoe. Since its inception, Prehistoric - Museum of Prehistory in Wallonia, has made every effort to conserve, preserve and enhance this jewel stone and its biodiversity. The upper level of the cave has archaeological interest. The terrace was cleared in progressively different excavations. In October 1908, A. Vandebosch and her team of "Chercheurs de la Wallonie" discover the Neolithic ossuary of "triangular cave" that overlooks the terrace of the cave when masked by sediments. Shards of pottery, faunal remains, some stone tools and numerous body parts belonging to seven children and dated + / -2750 years BC have been unearthed. Continued excavations beneath the ossuary and the release of the entry in 1911, leading the researchers to explore the cave itself. It delivers the tools belonging to Palaeolithic industries as well as faunal remains of now extinct species (bear, lion, cave hyaena, wolf, woolly rhinoceros, mammoth). On the terrace, two archaeological layers were identified. The first was attributed to the Upper Palaeolithic to Aurigacien (+ / - 30000ans BC) and contains various tools slide and faunal remains consumed. The second oldest (+ / - 70000ans BC), contains tools and Middle Paleolithic characteristics attributed to Keilmessergruppen (Neanderthal). Cave Ramioul contributes to the dialogue between past and present. She is behind the Museum of Prehistory in Wallonia and participates in the ongoing dialogue established between the prehistoric sites of excavation, the archaeological material and the public. Source: www.ramioul.org
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  • Eindhoven glow 2013 - Starsky
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    [3] 16/11/2013 - Dernière modification le 21/06/2020 The Third Element GLOW - International Forum of Light in Art and Architecture Eindhoven 2013 - 8th Edition - 'Urban Playground' From November, 9th to 16th 2013, the city center of Eindhoven turns again into a forum of interventions, installations, performances and events based on the phenomena of artificial light. Artist: Starsky Location: Beursgebouw About the project: The Austrian artist starsky is a master of all things to do with light. She creates light installations and large-scale projections, and provides the lighting for concerts and theatre productions, often as a VJ. In her work, she integrates language, graphic elements, moving image and film. Her goal is to use these ingredients to create a true total work of art. At the Beursgebouw, her installation is a projection that blurs the boundaries between the real and the fantastic. She plays with the relationship between architecture and the environment, with people’s movements in public space, and with the proportions of the human body, using these elements to create an ‘in between’ world - The Third Element. Now and then a hand appears that brushes away the generated images or turns them as if they were a page in a book, to reveal yet another image. What arises is a journey through imaginary worlds in which, from time to time, we discover a hint of the familiar. Music made possible by Spice. Source: gloweindhoven
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Nederlandse vertaling

U hebt gevraagd om deze site in het Nederlands te bezoeken. Voor nu wordt alleen de interface vertaald, maar nog niet alle inhoud.

Als je me wilt helpen met vertalingen, is je bijdrage welkom. Het enige dat u hoeft te doen, is u op de site registreren en mij een bericht sturen waarin u wordt gevraagd om u toe te voegen aan de groep vertalers, zodat u de gewenste pagina's kunt vertalen. Een link onderaan elke vertaalde pagina geeft aan dat u de vertaler bent en heeft een link naar uw profiel.

Bij voorbaat dank.

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